Mountain Fit-Ascender/Proclimb/Procross Defender Air Intake

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The proclimb/procross chassis airintake tends to suffer water ingestion problems caused by condensation in the large intake track used on the chassis.  The Defender intake is a cnc machined plastic plate that bolts onto the nosecone supplying a defense against moisture, belt dust and ice that is commonly found in the intake of the proclimb chassis.   A water, snow and ice repellent Outerwares Brand prefilter is attached to the plate providing protection to your motor.  The kit has been designed to be used with the stock hood, the bdx brand hood, skinz proclimb hood, as well as our polycarbonate hoods.  This kit allows for endless new options in designing intakes for your proclimb.  The internal shelf found in your nosecone must be cut out to install this kit. (easily done with a sharp utility knife)  2012-2017 2 stoke models. Also can be used with 2018 ascender chassis

Machine: Ascender/Proclimb/Procross
Manufacturer: Mountain Fit