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VP Racing Fuels is best known as the World Leader in Race Fuel Technology™, fueling champions around the world in virtually every form of motorsport on land, sea and air since 1975. VP’s fuels have a well-earned reputation for offering more power and unparalleled consistency.

A Fuel for Every Application
VP believes every application deserves a fuel designed to optimize performance, a philosophy that lead to its development of more than 70 blends. Given that, there’s no need to ever leave power on the table. Regardless of your application, chances are VP has a fuel blend to help you take the lead and keep you there.

Official Fuel of Racing
With more than 40 years of success, it’s no wonder VP has been selected as the Official Racing Fuel of the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, AMA Supercross, World of Outlaws Sprint Cars and Late Models, NMRA, NMCA, Pirelli World Challenge, PDRA, Formula Drift and Rally America, among more than 60 VP-sponsored series and sanctioning bodies.

Professional Tech Support
Specialty's staff is readily available to help in selecting the proper fuel for your application, tuning or other fuel-related issues, our professional staff will be happy to help.

To order fuel, please call us, and we will discuss your needs and find the correct fuel for your application:



Leveraging its expertise in race fuel technology, VP recently introduced a new line of racing lubricants. It includes a family of fully synthetic racing oils as well as an engine break-in oil, each designed to provide exceptional performance at a very cost-effective price.

VP Racing Oils (10w40, 5w30, 15w50) are for racing use only, engineered specifically for racing or high performance, closed course applications and incompatible with catalytic converters found in most street cars. With an exclusive additive package including Zinc, Moly & Phosphorous, their fully synthetic low-friction formula increases power and lowers operating temperatures, offering:

  • Excellent cold-flow at start-up for superior cold start protection
  • Maximum power & engine protection
  • Ultimate anti-wear and shear stability
  • Low-foaming at high-RPMs; ultra-low foaming under extreme applications

VP Racing Break-In Engine Oil (10w40) is formulated to provide ultimate protection for cams and valvetrain during the initial break-in phase by allowing a newly machined engine to properly finish seating and mating of machined parts. Using Zinc/Moly/Phosphate compounds as extreme pressure additives, this oil manages the seating process on cams, cam followers, push rod ends, cylinder walls, cam gears, pistons and pins, resulting in proper plateau of cylinders and superior ring seal. This oil should not be used beyond the initial break-in phase.



Beginning with leading-edge technology, VP Lubricants are formulated within a national quality assurance system to meet and exceed the toughest industry standards and stringent international OEM specifications. Whether you are maintaining equipment at an industrial plant, servicing your family’s vehicle or managing a preventative maintenance program for a commercial fleet, trust VP Lubricants to deliver maximum protection and guaranteed performance.

Street Legal Automotive Products
Engineered to perform on the track, Street Legal Automotive Products take it to the street.

Powersport Products
Formulated to meet the specific needs of street and off-road bikes and all-terrain utility vehicles.

Ultra Power Commercial Products
Meets and exceeds stringent OEM requirements for trucks, construction, mining, and agriculture equipment.

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