Specialty Parts 

When it comes to ordering parts for your ride, the options are endless. If you check out our suppliers page, you will see that we aren't a one-category shop. We can get it all. Whether it be accessories for your machine, parts for under the hood, or even premium racing fuels, Specialty Motorsports has you covered. Give us a shout or stop by the shop if you have something specific in mind. We are always more than happy to help you!


Specialty X Silencer

We at Specialty Motorsports have been using the same builder for over 20 years for our silencers and have great success. They have our mountain restriction in them so they work brilliant above 2500 ft, however, perform great at sea level for those who do not mountain ride. We build silencers for all makes and models in case you get an old machine or need one for a different make. We use factory information and flow all Silencers to match factory flow numbers with our restrictions. We have had great success with the programing to not set any computer codes. We ceramic coat all our silencers to reduce under hood temperatures, stop melting of critical plastic components and long lasting look and performance of the can. We also use ceramic packing in all our silencers so they don’t burn out quickly and leave you with just a loud obnoxious can. Our Silencer is also a deep throaty sound from a straight through dissipative type silencer. Most of our Silencers are under 5lbs which is substantial weight savings over stock, however make it a lot easier to work on your sled with the added clearance. Our Silencers are 100% warrantied for a full 2 years under normal operating conditions as determined by the manufacturer.

Our Silencer is also 100% MADE IN CANADA. We don't outsource the manufacturing!

  • Arctic Cat
  • Skidoo
  • Polaris
  • Yamaha

Skidoo 868 Big Bore

    Custom specialty ported cylinders for the best performance adding 25 + HP over stock etec. We use a modified stock head for that sleeperlook (starburst pattern). Custom cut to 868 to help with atomization and burn thus adding performance.

    Kit Includes:

    •   Ported 868 cylinder
    •   Stock 868 head
    •   868 pistons (wossner)
    •   #7 base gasket
    •   Rave guillotines cut to oversized pistons

    Works well with dyno port exhaust Y Pipe and Pipe and our Specialty X Silencer muffler.