Polaris Pro Rails- 2011-2015 - 174"

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Aftermarket replacement rails for 2011-2015 Polaris Pro RMK. Designed and machined from 7000 series aluminum with special attention paid to cutout design and location to create a stronger, more durable rail package then OEM. Kit includes: 2 rails 2 hi-fax 4 bumpers and hardware 2 tips and hardware 2 idler adjuster housings, bolts, and mounting hardware Iceage decal Bomber rails have fewer cut outs to create a much stronger, more durable rail that can withstand subtantial abuse in the backcountry. Originally developed for the Boondocker Films freeride team to withstand cliff drops and jumps. ***Note*** Rails are cut to accomodate 8" or 9" rear idler wheels. Stock Polaris wheels are 7 1/4". Appropriate wheels are required for proper fit and function. Do not run the stock wheels on rails configured for larger wheels, damage to your track/rails/wheels may occur!
Machine: Polaris
Manufacturer: IceAge Performance
Dimensions: 76x8x4
Size: 174"
Colour: Natural