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IceAge Skidoo Rail Kit-XM -154"

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Product Category: Shocks & Suspension
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Carved from 7000 series aluminum--stronger and lighter Reshaped and beefed up--cooler and stronger Taller profile in tail section and no holes below bump stops Non kicked up for increased performance in deep snow! Bomber version has minimal cutouts for ultimate strength For model year 2013 and up XM Lengths: 146, 154, 163, and 174* For model year 2008 and up XP Built to fit your choice of an 8" or 9" wheel Use either your stock axle or our 2-wheel axle kit No more offset axles or rail extensions Kit includes:2 rails 2 hi-fax 4 bumpers and hardware 2 tips and hardware 2 idler adjuster housings, bolts, and mounting hardware *All 146-174 rails have the same suspension hole pattern, to stretch your summit, just order the longer set. If your sled did not start as a summit, these will not bolt on and extend your skid. ** Our 174 T3 rail is only for the factory 174 T3 suspension. All sleds stretching to 174 use our standard 174" rail. 165 rails are designed to accomodate the new 3.5" Pitch Tracks. We highly recommend an anti stab for this application.
Machine: Skidoo
Manufacturer: IceAge Performance
Dimensions: 76x8x4
Size: 154"
Colour: Black

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