TecMate OptiMate 1 - 12-Volt Battery Charger & Maintainer

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3-Stage 0.9-Amp Charger •Ideal for maintaining 12V batteries •Std Filler Caps, Sealed (MF) Maintenance Free and GEL Perfect For Seasonally Used or Stored Batteries •In classic vehicles & deep-cycle batteries in stand-by power apps 100% Safe •Keeps battery fully charged when not in use without over charging Includes An Auto-Resetting Thermal Fuse Switch •Prevents the charger's output circuit from exceeding a safe temp. Recommended For All Types Of Lead-Acid Batteries Up to 75Ah Includes Battery Clips & Permanent Connector Certified to UL & CSA standards
Manufacturer: Tec Mate
Dimensions: 7x10x3