Xtreme Air Vent Gen 5 Clutch Knee Vent Repair

Xtreme Air Vent Gen 5 Clutch Knee Vent Repair

SKU: Xtreme-Knee-Gen5

Product Category: Prefilters & Ventilation
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NEW for 2023, this vent fixes the weak torn factory knee vent on your 2023 Gen 5.  It is made of a tough flexible poly frame then wrapped with a super strong waterproof material.

This vent simply rivets on over your factory vent.  The factory vent frame must not be broken (torn is not a problem).  NOTE: This vent will fit in the location of the factory plastic piece.  If you so desire, you can install the vent directly to the panel.  This will eliminate the problem of the factory vent catching on trees and breaking.  Includes rivets for easy install.


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