Post Forward Kits


The C3 Post Forward Kit relocates the upper steering post mount 3" towards the front of the sled. It is a similar approach to what Ski-Doo has done with the XRS sleds. This allows the riser to be tilted back toward the rider to remain inline with the steering post. The handlebars remain in approximately the same position as they were before installing our kit so the riding position is not changed. However, because the riser is now inline with the steering post, the handlebars turn in a circle rather than an arc.

Before installing this mod it is awkward to lean in one direction and push the bars in the opposite direction when counter steering. After installing this kit, you will notice an improvement with powder turns, sidehilling and handling characteristics as well as a decrease in steering forces and fatigue.  This kit work great for both mountain and trail riders.

We also offer a lighter chromoly reverse curve steering post option to allow this kit to be used with no modifications to the airbox. The 2011 or newer original steering post can be retained if using our carbon dash intake system or possibly with other aftermarket intake systems but instalation is easiest with reverse curve post.  For 2008-2010 you will need the new reverse curve post for an easier instalation.