Syncrodrive Kits & Belts


In June of 2017, Specialty Motorsports was proud to announce the complete purchase of all Snowmobile related products from C3 Powersports, the inventor of the SyncroDrive, the first direct OEM replacement belt drive.

Specialty Motorsports is excited about the future of snowmobile performance products as we add our own expertise to the C3 Syncrodrive belt drive product line. Kevin Forsyth, owner, designer and developer of the Syncrodrive belt drive will stay on board to develop upcoming exciting products to meet the demands for new high performance sled products.


Syncrodrives are proudly Made in Canada in the great province of Alberta!  We craft each Syncrodrive with love and care.



Specialty Motorsports revolutionary SyncroDrive system allows you to convert your heavy stock chain drive on your snowmobile to a lightweight belt drive system. This bolt on performance enhancing conversion features the latest Carbon fiber synchronous belts and precision CNC machined 6061 gears and components.

Our SyncroDrive is maintenance free aftermarket part that requires no chain oil or lubrication. It reduces rotating mass and resistance which allows for a more efficient delivery of power to the track. This System also allows you to switch between multiple available gear ratios for all types of terrain in order to maximize your power/torque to where you need it most. Upgrade your Machines  and unchain your sled!

Our SyncroDrive kit works with stock muffler also with electric start after some modifications. You can use a light weight battery and save even more weight with no modifications to your battery mount.

Snowmobile Benefits
• Bolt-on upgrade
• Choose from 1.63 up to 2.63 gear ratio’s
• Reduction in rotating mass
• Less resistance allows for more efficient transfer of HP
• Maintenance free - No lubricants or greasy hands
• Maximizes other performance upgrades
• MBL Carbon Fibre GT belt