Custom Sled Projects

Specialty Motorsports is known for our custom performance snowmobile parts and fabrication abilities.

 We are experts when it comes to complete tear-downs and repairs. We can tear-down and performance tune your sleds engine, to upgrade your performance.

Need frame or tunnel work? We do custom frame and tunnel fabrication. We can fix or replace whats broken or custom build you something better.


Custom ATV Projects

If you love rut running, sand digging, mud slinging, or hill climbing but can't ride with your broken machine,  then Specialty Motorsports is the place to come for repairs and service!

 We can repair your machine and get you out there again. We also know how to improve the factory performance of all ATV makes and models. Want  smoother ride, better turning, more acceleration, lower gearing, or more safety? Then Specialty Motorsports is your one call contact.

 Without the right tools and right experience, it would be difficult at best, to tune your ATV and having it performing the way you want it to. So leave the repairs to us and let us get you back on the trail.


Custom Bike Projects

If you need a professional tune up or a complete engine rebuild give us a call. We specialize in both 2 and 4 stroke engine tune ups and re-builds. We build engines for all models of dirt bikes. We can help you with gearing, suspension, brakes, and engine performance.


Custom Watercraft

Looking for new equipment or performance parts to enhance your current machine, or a new rider seeking assistance to get your first watercraft ripping?  We are Jetski riders ourselves so we are at your service to help where we can.