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Skidoo Summit Gen 5 Factory Turbo Syncrodrive

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Gear Ratio
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Installing the 100% Canadian made Specialty Motorsports Syncrodrive for the Ski-doo Factory Turbo is a great way to free up power and lose a large amount of rotational and static weight. There are many gear ratios to suit your riding style and compliment your build perfectly. All without permanently modifying any OEM parts. All parts are made of lightweight anodized aluminum to not only look good but last with virtually no maintenance. The belts used are a high quality but affordable 8mm pitch carbon belt. That means no break in and no adjusting for stretch over time.

** Fits mountain sleds only

To find out your current gear ratio take your bottom gear and divide it by the top:

Bottom gear/Top gear = Ratio (63/26=2.42)

  • Over 2.5 LBS of rotational weight lost
  • Over 6 LBS of static eight Lost
  • Available in 12 different gear ratios
  • No break in period
  • Direct bolt on without modification takes approx. 3 hours
  • Gear ratio and belt changes in minutes
  • Shot relocation bracket included

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