Durapro Ski Dampener

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Please see below fitment for:

Ski-Doo REV Gen4 w/ Polaris Gripper Ski (Per Set)
Ski-Doo REV Gen4 (Per Set)
Polaris RMK (Per Set)


The patented DuraPro Ski Dampener rubber delivers many unique advantages over other designs:

  • The dampener gives a linear, progressive dampening effect which allows the ski to flex more freely at low speeds and loads for softer dampening, and more rigidly at high speeds and loads for stronger dampening. Furthermore, it does this without compromising your ski, bushings, or spindle.
  • With just the right amount of flex and resistance, the DuraPro ski dampener helps protect your ski, spindle, A-arm, and entire sled by absorbing as much impact energy as possible before allowing the ski to bottom out against the spindle.
  • The dampener maintains the proper ski approach angle position, giving your sled enhanced performance and more predictable handling on the snow.  It's a difference that you will notice immediately, whether on or off trail, and especially when traversing technical terrain and crossing other sled trenches / tracks.
  • The dampener is the width of the ski cradle, offering maximum support for the spindle.  This equates to less wear and tear on your ski bushings, with better twisting and side-to-side stability for the ski.
  • The proprietary composition is extremely resilient and resistant to breaking, cracking, tearing, swelling, abrasion, friction, temperature fluctuations, UV light, and vibration.
  • The majority of the DuraPro Ski Dampener’s effect occurs behind the spindle tab. This puts less stress on the tab and even gives the dampener the unique ability to continue functioning if the tab breaks off.

    FITMENT (Item No. 1018901):

    Replaces Polaris Part # 5415230, 5412794, and others.
    Sled: Matryx RMK chassis....... 2022 - Present
              AXYS RMK chassis (RMK-Khaos, Pro-RMK, RMK, & SKS)....... 2015 - 2021
              Pro-Ride RMK chassis....... 2011 - 2014
    Ski: Polaris GRIPPER (does NOT fit Pro-Steer) ....... 2007 - Present  

    FITMENT (Item No. 1018904):

    Replaces Ski-Doo part # 505074138 .......(2017 - Present)
    Sled: Ski-Doo REV Gen4 chassis with RAS 3 front suspension
    Ski: Ski-Doo Pilot DS-3 (REV Gen4 ski MUST have the NUBS as seen below. Damper will NOT properly work without the nubs.)

    FITMENT (Item No. 1018941):

    Sled: Ski-Doo REV Gen4 chassis with RAS 3 front suspension... 2017 - Present
    Ski: Polaris Gripper.......2007 - 2019


      • (2) DuraPro Ski Dampener rubbers
      • High-quality, screen-printed decal
      • Instruction sheet


      All DuraPro products are designed for ultimate quality, durability, and reliability. That is why we fully warrant them to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for life. No time-limit applies and no warranty card is required.

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