Skidoo Summit/ Freeride/ Renegade BC Gen 4 Syncrodrive

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Specialty Motorsports is proud to introduce the 2017/18 Gen 4 SyncroDrive 

Free-up wasted horsepower and feel the efficiency of the SyncroDrive on your 2018 SkiDoo Gen4 175, 3" track.  We know from experience and feedback over the past few years with the aftermarket extended chain cases, that chain maintenance is especially critical to chain life.

On top of the efficiency, choose from 7 different gear ratio's, 2.10, 2.17, 2.25, 2.33, 2.42, 2.52, 2.63  Turbo, NOS, Big bore or whatever you choose we have the gear ratio to make your 154, 165, or 175 sing.

Don't let your buddies pass you by, unleash the power, and burn gas. It's never been simpler or more reliable than it is today.