2018-2020 Mountain Cat/ Mountain Max/ Alpha Syncrodrive Kit

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Specialty Motorsports SyncroDrive for the Arctic Cat/ Yamaha 800/600 Mountain Cat / Mountain Max/ Sno Pro/ Alpha.

You will have the following benefits from this system.

  • 1250 Grams (2.75 lb) less rotating mass
  • 9 lb weight savings 
  • Currently available in Gear Ratios from 1.80 to 2.63
  • No break-in period
  • Direct bolt-on takes approx. 3 hours to install
  • Gear and belt changes in minutes
  • Inexpensive 8mm pitch belts

NOTE: Gear Ratios: 2.42, 2.52, 2.63 all use a different top gear that utilizes the stock jack shaft. All other gear ratios need a new jack shaft and hub type gear.

Kit includes upgraded Jack shaft and oil tank reservoir. 

Some 2018 M8000 machines will need Extra pieces for the lower gear as there is multiple different driveshafts used that year, If your driveshaft has splines all the way to the end there is no extra pieces needed. If your splines are machined down there is an extra kit needed that is 125.00 (SMMC-1889). 

All Kits come with a Mitusboshi belt, if you want both belts to be gates please email or call in. 

Gates Belt Available on request. 

**Will not work with stock can due to interference with the lightweight oil tank.**