Iceage Anti Stab Kits

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4 Wheel Anti Stab:

Keep your rail tips from pushing through track windows A must have for running 3" or 3.5" pitch tracks or when shortening your rails to accommodate anti-ratchet drivers Looks great! Can double as a limiter strap shaft for a single or double limiter strap setup Can also be used as a standalone shaft on the very front of your rails Removal of your rail caps and some rail material may be necessary for this install 2 Wheel model can be used as a cross shaft with bogie wheels to add strength and reduce hyfax wear. Arctic Cat ProClimb and Yamaha Viper chassis can only use the 2 wheel for the front, 4 wheel will not clear FTA during suspension bottoming. 7075 Shafts 6061 T6 spacer shafts Black hard coat anodized billet 6061 wheels.

2 Wheel Anti Stab:

2 wheel anti stab kits for your snowbike or snowmobile suspension. Prevent track stabbing or use the 2 wheel anti stab as a cross shaft with wheels to strengthen your skid and reduce hyfax wear.

Machine: All models
Manufacturer: IceAge Performance
Dimensions: 6x18x3