Arctic Cat ProClimb/ProCross 800 SyncroDrive Kit

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C3 SyncroDrive for the Arctic Cat 800 Proclimb / ProCross.

You will have the following benefits from this system.

  • 1250 Grams (2.75 lb) less rotating mass
  • 12 lb weight savings (18 lb savings with oil delete)
  • Currently available in Gear Ratios from 1.50 to 2.63
  • No break-in period
  • Direct bolt-on takes approx. 3 hours to install
  • Gear and belt changes in minutes
  • Inexpensive 8mm pitch belts

NOTE: Either a replacement jack shaft is required for 2015 and 2016's or the jack shaft will need to be modified (It needs to be drilled and tapped to have a way to secure the top gear to the shaft).   See instructions below.


2012 to 2014 Instructions: [PDF]

2015 to current year Instructions: [PDF]