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B-PWR Ski-Doo Ski Dampener for DS3 Ski


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SkiDoo Rubber DS3 Skis 

This SkiDoo rubber for DS3 skis is an exceptional product. If we could define this product in three words it would be: CONTROL, DURABILITY AND PERFORMANCE. Our team has designed this product to offer you a shock absorber of incomparable durability. Indeed, its composition allows us to assure you that you will not find anything more resistant on the market. Its unique geometry gives a progressive dampening effect that allows the ski to flex more freely at low speeds for softer dampening and more stiffly at high speeds for stronger dampening. All this without damaging your skis.

This SkiDoo rubber dampener kit will enhance your snowmobile experience by improving its performance. In addition, this B-PWR ski rubber will offer you a much more predictable maneuverability since it allows you to maintain the correct approach angle position of the ski. It's a difference you'll notice immediately on technical terrain. This product is compatible with the DS3 ski.


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Allows you to maintain the correct approach angle position of the ski
  • Exclusive material offering unequaled durability
  • Compatible with DS3 skis

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