BDX Pro Lite Oil Tank with Lightweight Chaincase Cover 2018+

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Eliminate your stock heavy oil tank with much lighter Pro Lite version. The magnesium chain case cover has a dip stick to check oil and a drain plug. The oil tank is mounted with our machined aluminum bracket for a strong fit.  Much more room under the hood and a lot less weight! 

Our ProLite magnesium chaincase cover for the new longer chaincase and oil tank kits weigh in at just over 2 lbs! Our cover has some nice added features too. There is a dipstick with a magnet on the end of it. And there is a easy access drain plug at the bottom. So not only do you drop a few lbs of weight, but it a also make changing the oil easier too. It uses the stock cap. This also simply makes things easier to work on if you need to change your chain or gears. 

The oil tank is made specifically for the Arctic Cat CTEC DSI models with the oil pump in the tank, both M6000 and M8000.  Our tank holds 2 quarts, and the stock oil level sensor also will fit into it and still work.  The chaincase has built in mounts for an easy installation of the oil tank. 

This version is for the longer chaincase mountain sleds, M8000, M6000, Alpha, Hard Core, Riot X, CTEC 2018+

The kit is much cleaner under the hood with more room and easier to work on the chaincase if needed.

Manufacturer: Black Diamond Xtreme/Speed Shop Inc