BM FAB Ski Doo Gen 4 Exo Rear Bumper

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** EXPERT AND SHORT TUNNEL OPTIONS- Order the next size down for your tunnel. For example--If you have a 165 EXPERT you will want the 154 Rear Bumper. 154 Expert-- 146 Rear Bumper

The ALL NEW Skidoo Gen 4 850 Rear EXO Bumper was designed to be the best light weight option on the market. These plates are made of laser cut aluminum sheet with a press braked 90 degree tunnel lip for excellent strength, and rigidity without adding unnecessary weight.

The new design slightly raises the handle from the stock location to allow use of the Skidoo removable snow flap system. 

Machine: 2017+ Skidoo Gen 4 850
Manufacturer: B&M Fabrications