Gen 4 Intake Turbo Intake Vent Kit 2020.5-2021

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Replace the wimpy torn stick on intakes on your new turbo with these ultra durable intake vents. These vents come with a high quality OEM spec prefilter material designed specifically for intakes and is used on other vents by Xtreme Air Vents. The material is wrapped over a custom cut carbon fiber backer.  No more worries about torn intakes and chipping ice. These vents can handle the beating. These simply rivet on over the new turbo intake holes. 

- Custom Cut Carbon Fiber frame.  This is a new space age material that is extremely light weight and durable.  It it very flexible and resistant to bending.  Why choose this material?  Light weight, Resistant to bending, it freaking carbon fiber...that's just cool.

Includes: 4ea - Intake Vents (right and left), Rivets 

Manufacturer: Xtreme Air Vents