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IceAge Pro Motion Polaris Axys or PRO RMK

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Product Category: Shocks & Suspension
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Not for use with aftermarket suspensios. Only works on OEM skids.



  • 3* of flex in both directions
  • Get sled on edge easier
  • Reduced effort to sidehill
  • Cut through cross rutted hills smoother
  • True bolt on, no cutting, modifying etc
  • Comes complete with all hardware for easy install
  • 15-30 minute install time with no need for skid removal


  • Will work with any stock or upgraded shock packages in the OEM skid
  • Fits stand RMK, PRO, and assault (155"-174")
  • Works on 2011-2015 RMK or 2016 AXYS RMK's
  • Fits with stock, or IceAge Rails
  • Not compatable with Skinz A.R.C.
  • Can be used with Zbroz K.I.S.S. coupling blocks
  • Please contact us if you have any accesory you are concerned with it interfering.

    Machine: Polaris Axys or PRO RMK
    Manufacturer: IceAge Performance
    Dimensions: 12x9x2

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