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Iceage Rail Stiffener Kit - Anodized Black

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The most advanced evolution of the traditional rail stiffener to date. By machineing them from 7000 series aluminum, we have been able to remove a significant amount of weight for a lightweight and stylish design while maintaining a superior level of strength.

This product is a must have for the aggressive rider.  This set of (2) stiffener plates will substantially increase the strength of your rails - and they can be used on our Iceage G4 Summit and XM Summit rail kits without any modification, and fit most OEM rails*. The  Kit includes two stiffeners, two jounce bumpers, and all necessary hardware for the install.  The Ultralight Brace was specifically designed to help provide maximum strength and bridge the gap on the low section of rail where the rear jounce bumpers sit on models like the G4/XM Summit. Distributing the load from hard bottom outs greatly reduces the risk of bending rails meaning more time out riding and less time fixing broken parts!

*This product is 'universal' please make sure it will fit your rails before purchasing. Some drilling may be required, Make sure it will not interfere with any existing suspension components and that the bolt holes do not land above windows in rails, if you have questions regarding fitment, please email or call 877-5-iceage

**Standard Stiffner is designed for most crossover and mountain sleds and assorted short tracks where clearance allows.

    -13" Overall Length

    -11" Center to center on outside holes, with one hole in the center


All IceAge G4 and XM Summit rails are pre-drilled to accept these braces. The sample photo is that of them installed on our G4 Summit rails.

They can be used with IceAge Khaos, Axys, or ProRide Rails as well (Bomber only) on the section of the rail between the front torque arm mount and the rear bumpstop, but will require drilling your own mounting holes (3 per rail).

These will not fit on Pro RMK or AXYS RMK sleds with stock rails. 

For stock pro RMK or AXYS Rails we recommend our Hillclimb Brace kits.

Manufacturer: IceAge Performance
Dimensions: 18x8x1

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