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IceAge Skidoo Gen 4 Rail Kit - Bombers - Black

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Product Category: Shocks & Suspension
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Heavy duty replacement slide rails for your Gen 4 Chassis Ski-Doo Summit

These are designed to fit your SP or X Package Summit.

Cut from 7000 series aluminum on our proprietary Lightweight extrusion allowing for maximum strength and minimal weight.

Kits come with 2 rails, 2 hyfax, fasteners and instructions.

Rails are drilled to accept the our rail braces. These go under the rear bump stops and bridge the low center section of the rail. This allows us to have maximum strength without sacrificing skid travel by increasing rail height.

Our 174 rails are designed to stretch the 154/165 skid out to 174/175" tracks. The factory 175 has different shock mountain and is a different rail. For factory 175, order the 175 length rails, to stretch get the 174.

Machine: Skidoo Gen 4
Manufacturer: IceAge Performance
Dimensions: 76x8x4

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