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IceAge Performance X Brace Kit

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Strengthen your stock or IceAge rails with the IceAge billet X-Brace. Provides increased torsional strength that far exceeds that of cross shafts or rail stiffners alone! Designed to mount between the rear suspension torque arm and rear idler wheels this brace has a massive footprint providing great rigidity in the rear suspension. 

The X-Brace has light profile but massive footprint, providing far more strength then current cross shafts. This brace is designed to fit all OEM rails regardless of window patterns.   The mini stiffner outside of the rails couples with the inner X allowing us sandwich the rail, providing maximum support of the rail beam.  

The X-Brace can be bolted on essentially wherever space allows. 


* Please check fitament before ordering

** Brace is 6.75" front to back, ensure proper clearance

*** Make sure brace has clearance at full suspension travel as to not cause damage to brace and rear suspension

**** This brace will dampen the affect of the Pro-Motion or T-Motion suspension as it limits flex in the rails.

Will not work in conjunction with the Hillclimb brace kits without modifying the otter mini stiffner.

Machine: All models
Manufacturer: IceAge Performance
Dimensions: 12x9x2

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