Pin'd Performance Omega Rail Brace System - Alpha Rail - 2022 Stock


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2022 Model on sale! 

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The Alpha finally got its Omega.

The strongest Alpha rail braces out there. Period.

Takes direct impact (rather than after the rail has flexed) thanks to the scissor arm through bolt integration.

Increases torsional rigidity giving it the ability to handle off-angle impacts.

Read full description for all the details.


The Alpha finally got its Omega.

This patent pending rail brace system replaces the brackets that the rear scissor arm bolts to (or through).

This system ties it all together. Conventional rail braces only take impact AFTER the Alpha rail has taken an impact.

The Omega Rail Brace System immediately takes the impact because of the rear scissor arm through bolt integration.

Along with this, the Omega Rail Brace System creates torsional rigidity (resistance to twist) which is a major cause of failure on the Alpha rail; the Alpha rail's geometry is not designed to handle much, if any kind of off angle impact.

Includes: (1) Left Omega Brace, (1) Right Omega Brace, Zinc Plated Rivets, (Optional) Through-bolt Upgrade Kit.

***For models without updated through bolt (2019 & 2020), you must order the through-bolt upgrade kit. This is recommended for all Omega installations as this bolt is stronger than Arctic Cat's.

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