BM FAB Polaris Axys EXO Front Bumper

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This bumper is compatible with all Polaris AXYS Chassis Machines from 2015 to current. This includes the new Axys 850. 

Our Polaris Axys EXO front bumper comes loaded with unique features inside while keeping a clean minimal/slim profile on the outside. 

On the inside we have added features that other companies often overlook.

-Our unique cross tube provides noticeable torsional rigidity.

-The mounting bracket for the stock belt holder is designed with the same profile as the original bumper. This gives you a nice tight fit just as it was from the factory. 

- The new upper mounting points are nicely machined and offset to work with all Polaris Axys Machines. 

- Where the bumper exits the plastics we have press formed the tubing to allow pass through without distorting how the body panels fit. This is done by pressing each side of the tube separately to offset the press marks. Also, On the inner press mark we install a rivet-nut to accept the factory hardware that holds the belly pan to the bumper. 

The visible portion of the bumper fits close to the body with no flat plate to collect/hold onto snow. Eliminating flat plate allows any snow that does collect to be easily removed. 

Exterior features include the following,

-Slim minimal profile.

-Ample room to grab and lift. No flat plate or sharp edges. 

-Weld capped tube ends to eliminate the cheap plastic caps.

-Lower tubes are joined at the bottom to allow them to reach below the machine.

-We have designed this to work with or without a skid plate. 

Manufacturer: B&M Fabrications