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B-PWR Polaris Matryx Slash Rear Bumper - 155 (Black)


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Polaris Matryx Slash 155 Rear Bumper 

B-PWR's rear bumpers for Polaris snowmobiles set a standard in the market by combining reinforcement from the tunnel to the footrests and a heavy-duty bumper.

Specially designed with a light and super strong aluminum alloy with multiple attachment points, this model will prevent you from going through unfortunate situations, such as twisting your tunnel or tearing your bumper.

  • Bumper and reinforcement in one single piece
  • Thickens the tunnel
  • Offers protection right up to the footrest
  • Multiple fixture points
  • Raised handles
  • Raises the original bumper by nearly 1.5 inches
  • Designed to adjust to the shape of the Polaris tunnel
  • 90° bend in the bottom for extra reinforcement
  • Lightweight and resistant 6061-T6 aluminium (3/16 inch)
  • TIG welded
  • Powder coating

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