Ski Doo XM / XS / XP / XR Syncrodrive Kit

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Unchain Your Sled

C3 PowerSports revolutionary new SyncroDrive system allows you to convert your heavy stock chain drive on your snowmobile to a lightweight belt drive system. This bolt on performance enhancing conversion features the latest Carbon Fiber Synchronous belts and a C3 Carbon Fiber guard to reduce weight.

The new SyncroDrive is maintenance free aftermarket part that requires no chain oil or lubrication. It reduces rotating mass and resistance which allows for a more efficient delivery of power to the track. This System also allows you to switch between six available gear ratios for different types of terrain in order to maximize your power/torque to where you need it most. So upgrade your Ski Doo XM/XS/XP/XR and unchain your sled!

THE SYNCRODRIVE KIT WILL NOW WORK WITH ELECTRIC START AFTER SOME MODIFICATIONS.  Or you can use one of our light weight batteries and save more weight with no modifications to your battery mount.

Snowmobile Benefits

  • Bolt-on upgrade
  • Choose from 1.63 up to 2.63 gear ratio’s
  • Reduction in rotating mass
  • Less resistance allows for more efficient transfer of HP
  • Maintenance free - No chain oil, lubricants or greasy hands
  • C3 Carbon Fiber belt guard
  • Maximizes other performance upgrades
  • Gates Carbon Fiber GT belt
  • Compatible with Avid Extended Chain Case


Snowmobile Model: Ski-Doo

C3 PowerSports presents an updated installation tutorial for its new SyncroDrive system for the Ski-Doo XP. This tutorial covers the complete installation of the SyncroDrive on the Ski-Doo XP, modifying the speed sensor and changing belts. THIS IS A VERY OLD VIDEO AND WILL BE UPDATED SOON. Please read instruction for current install. 

The SyncroDrive kit will now work with electric start after some modifications.

First Remove The Battery Prior To This Modification.

This modification was made on Speedtech 920cc 2008 Summit XP with STD Battery. The same operation works on every XP Chassis. You might need to set the battery bracket with a slight angle to allow side panel to close correctly. The battery bracket needs to be relocated approximately 1.2” Use the existing hole in the frame and drill a new hole in the battery bracket. Mounting may need to be cut off otherwise it will press against the battery making it unable to close the side panel correctly.