Mountain Fit - Skidoo Gen 4 Air Intake Vents

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The air intake vents found on the Gen4 chassis are easily punctured allowing snow or small branches into your air intake.

  Our intake covers help protect your oem intake vents from damage .

  Cnc cut black polycarbonate  frames have a outer layer of outwears protective mesh backed by a super strong pvc coated mesh.

Outwears mesh is placed on the outside preventing snow getting trapped between the layers of mesh, the coarse pvc coated mesh provides protection for the oem intake mesh behind our vent.

Polycarbonate frames are pre bent to fit directly over our stock intake. 

Rivet holes are placed outside of the intake so the factory mesh is not harmed by installing our vents, the large tab found on the top edge of the vent is secured using the oem fastener.

Kit consists of two intake vents (one for each side) and trifold rivets for installation.

Machine: Skidoo Gen 4
Manufacturer: Mountain Fit