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Specialty Motorsports Axys/Matryx Post Forward-Turcotte Edition


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Specialty Motorsports Axys / Matryx Post Forward-Turcotte Edition

For the rider who prefers a 'rider forward stance'

Message from Brett - Stoked to say I’ve had in depth testing time that we’ve been developing since my switch to Polaris. For me, it makes sense that the bars should “swing” up and down much like the race sleds do. It allows more leverage over the sled and puts you into a more neutral and over the motor position. To create this feel we removed the vertical style steering post and replaced it with one post from the bottom steering linkage to the top. It reduces slop and moves the center of the post nearly 6” farther ahead from stock. 

* Aftermarket riser for T-Post is needed. Stock Polaris bars mounts will not work. 

Check it out! Turcotte youtube Post Forward Kit 

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