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Suspension Module Brace Kit XM 1 Piece

SKU: 300-066

Product Category: Bumpers, Running Boards & Bracing
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We have redesigned our popular skidoo xp front end brace from a two piece brace to a one piece brace/skid plate design. The new one piece brace is much easier to install and is stronger than our original brace. Attaches with rivets to make it easier to install especially on 4 stroke sleds. New shape doubles as a skid plate protecting the S Module. Has the same weight as our other 2 lower brace kits.

A must for all skidoo XP/XR/XS/XM and XU expediton sleds 2008 to 2017. Made out of steel and is zinc plated. Weighs only 1.8 lbs. Still works with any skidplate.

Does not work with the new 2017 Gen 4 but works with new 2017 XP/XR/XS/XM AND XU

Machine: 2008 to Present Skidoo XP/XR/XM/XS Chassis
Manufacturer: Grip N Rip
Dimensions: 15x7x2

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