X1800 Flashlight System

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The Mountain Lab x 1800 Lumen Flashlight packs a full 1800 lumens of light into a compact efficient design. Designed for those that operate at high speeds at night, this is a perfect choice.  As the brightest flashlight in the Mountain Lab line-up, the x1800 packs a serious punch.  We highly recommend this light for usage on the handlebars of your snowmobile, ATV or bike. Full kit includes Quick-Go Connect, GoPro Mount, Handlebar Mount and wired remote control for handlebar use.  




Lumens Runtime
Turbo 1800 1 hr 55min
High 900 4 hr 30min
Medium 500 6 hr 25min
Low 200 12 hr 30min
Eco 100-50 50 hrs
Strobe 1800 2 hr 45min

    Colour: Black