X800 Flashlight System

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00 Lumen Flashlight System

The powerful, ultra-compact 800 Lumen Flashlight System is perfect for all your adventures.  This flashlight kit includes a fully rechargeable battery that you can charge with a USB cable (included) at home or in your vehicle.  We highly recommend this as a helmet-top light, utilizing the GoPro Mount for evening or nighttime mountain biking. As the lightest flashlight in the Mountain Lab line-up, you’ll find this super bright light easy to wear and use. Ideal for snowmobiling at night, mountain biking, dirt biking or hiking adventures, this light will lead the way. Kit includes Quick-Go Connect, GoPro Mount and Handlebar mount.  

Package Includes:

  • Mode Lumens Runtime
    High 800 2 hr
    Medium 400 3 hr 5 min
    Low 200 6 hr
    Eco 100-50 23 hr 30 min
    Strobe 800 6 hr

Colour: Black